4 Affordable Chandeliers Under $200

Here are 4 gorgeously unique and affordable chandeliers under $200. These best selling chandeliers are well-received and don’t skimp out on quality. The chandeliers presented below have earned over 100 reviews and at least a 4-star average rating on Amazon.

Tadpoles 4 Light White Chandelier

tadpoles four bulb chandelier whiteThis is a vintage-style, metal framed acrylic chandelier that looks just like real glass. The Tadpole Four Bulb Chandelier has a petite, romantic look and feel. A smart choice if you’re on a budget. Installation is quick and should arrive in one box. Strong, yet soft lighting emitted for the size. The chandelier suits smaller living spaces like bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. A younger audience might enjoy this one. Pretty up a nursery nicely with the Tadpole Four Bulb Chandelier. Several bulb chandelier styles are available, including 1, 3, 4, and 5 bulbs. 25-watt bulbs are used. Additional chandelier color options include black, pink, and white.

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Jac D’Lights Wrought Iron 1 Light Crystal Chandelier

jac dlights wrought iron crystal chandelierA cottage-style chandelier with a traditional European look. Consists of 1 light that’s decorated and draped with a crystal finish, using a wrought iron frame and some acrylic. The Angelo Brothers ceiling fan light medallion is a common addition to this chandelier. A cute choice for smaller spaces such as an office or small bedroom. There’s a 40-watt bulb limit for this chandelier. The chandelier is a darker shade of white.

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Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier

canarm sumerside 5 light chandelierThis uniquely styled orb chandelier showcases the use of candelabra lights surrounded by rings of oil rubbed bronze. A stunning hybrid of industrial and vintage design work. 60-watt C base bulbs are required. The color shade may look black. However, the chandelier features a bronze finish. Chandelier assembly efficiency is improved with labeled fixture parts and pre-inserted screws included. Although, the assembly is a bit more involved due to the separate orbital-style rings. A large chandelier boasting high-quality material and design. Looks much more expensive than the actual price.

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LightInTheBox Chrome 3 Light Crystal Chandelier

lightinthebox chrome 3 light crystal chandelierA modern style chandelier with a metal material and a chrome finish. Gorgeous of streaks of light are emitted from this chandelier. The design will surely sparkle up your chosen room. Requires bulbs with a 40-watt limit. This beautiful chandelier fixes directly to your ceiling. Assembly may take an hour or two in order to carefully attach all crystals. Due to weight, two people may be required to put this chandelier up. A nice choice for your office, dining room, living room, or bedroom.

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These are only 4 of many affordable chandeliers under $200. More information on other popular and unique chandeliers coming soon.

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