Best Chandelier ReviewsChandeliers are those luxury decorative items that instantly catch your attention. Crystal chandeliers are quite a site to see in person.

Incorporating ornate arrays of crystal prisms, chandeliers can impress through both the shine of their crystal and the carefully crafted ways in which they illuminate a room through the refracted light. In recent years, chandeliers have been located not only in living rooms or hallways but bathrooms too.

Interested in browsing for the best chandelier and wondering where to begin? Look no further. Below you can browse useful feature and review information about high quality, affordable chandeliers.

Compare the most popular chandeliers on the market, like modern crystal chandelierscrystal orb chandeliers, and rustic industrial chandeliers. Although the idea of a new chandelier sounds expensive, there are many high-quality, low priced chandeliers on the market.

For example, check out some of the chandeliers under $200, chandeliers under $100, and chandeliers under $50 available today. You might be surprised!

High Rated Chandelier Models

gypsy color crystal chandelier

Gypsy Color Acrylic Crystal Chandeliers

The Original Gypsy Color Crystal Chandeliers have amassed over 400 rave reviews on Amazon. There’s a variety of colors to choose from, including white, multi-color (very festive), pink, and black color finishes. This is one popular chandelier. Gypsy color also offers model size variations, including a plug-in 3 arm, small 4 arm, medium 5 arm, large 6 arm, and an x-large 9 arm chandelier.

The large quantity of Amazon reviews is spread across the Gypsy Color model variations, so its challenging to tell exactly how popular a specific color or model size is. However, when excluding color and size, their styles are very consistent in appearance.

These antique style chandeliers are made up of acrylic crystal beads (synthetic resins and textile fibers) to give a realistic crystal look while reducing the price and use 40-watt incandescent bulbs sold separately to power lighting.

Gypsy Color offers a plug-in kit specially designed for their crystal chandeliers. The chandelier plug-in conversion kit converts a direct connect chandelier into a plugin chandelier so you can flexibly style and use your chandelier in different locations with ease.

While dimensions vary, the shared beneficial features of the Gypsy Color crystal chandeliers include:

  • Plug-in direct to the wall outlet. No ceiling box required.
  • Flexible hanging ability, with 11-foot cord plugs.
  • Certified for safety & quality by UL (a global independent safety science company)
  • Chandelier arms fold flat for easy shipping and storage.
  • Optional addition of plug-in to convert to a swag light.
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Look wonderful at a distance

The Gypsy Color chandeliers won’t reflect light as real crystals do. Regardless, this is a great chandelier collection for the budget-conscious shopper. The Gypsy Color crystal chandeliers offer incredible, budget-friendly quality, standing up to chandeliers priced over $1000.

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Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier

tadpoles three bulb chandelier white diamondThis Tadpoles chandelier is the perfect small chandelier for a young girl’s room. This glimmering chandelier has earned over 400 reviews on Amazon, while the other chandelier options in the Tadpoles White Diamond collection have gained great reviews as well.

More miniature in size, the three bulb light fixture’s dimensions are 8 x 8 x 12 inches. Available colors include black onyx, lavender topaz, pink sapphire, and white diamond. If you’re looking for variation in size and bulbs, check out the 1, 4, and 5 bulb options in the chandelier collection for your desired color.

Fixture materials combine a forged metal frame with glass and acrylic beads and dangles for a wonderful looking faux chandelier. 3 25-watt candelabra bulbs are included.

Benefits of the Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier:

  • Hang as a swag lamp and plug in or hard wire install with included equipment
  • The three 25-watt bulbs are included
  • Chain and cover are included for hanging
  • A lighter 4.5-pound item weight
  • A sparkly, glass look

Since this is a miniature chandelier, it isn’t the brightest on the block. However, a small nearby lamp can compliment the lighting very well. If you’re looking for the perfect budget chandelier to brighten up your young daughter’s bedroom or a smaller living space, the Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier is a perfect choice.

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Nuvo Ballerina 3 Light Chandelier Champagne Glass Shades

nuvo ballerina 3 light chandelier champagne glass shadesWhile Nuvo offers a wide range of lighting and style variations, their light fixtures are one of the few remaining on Amazon to have garnered over 400 user reviews. There are only 2 of the ballerina style light chandelier left in stock at the time of this writing!

The Nuvo Ballerina 3 Light Chandelier incorporates stylish traditional glass shades attached to a sleek mahogany bronze metal frame. The fixture requires 60-watt incandescent, compact fluorescent bulbs. These 60-watt A19 medium base bulbs are sold separately.

Beneficial features of the Nuvo 3 Light Ballerina Chandelier:

  • Turn into swag lamp, but plug sold separately
  • Quality shade covers result in unobtrusive, low-key lighting
  • UL listed fixture for safety & quality
  • Installation equipment included
  • Wonderfully traditional appeal

While not a flashy or sparkly modern chandelier, the Nuvo Ballerina 3 Light Chandelier and related light fixtures in the Nuvo collection are the go-to fixtures for traditional style room settings. Be sure to take a look at the other ballerina light variations, including the popular 7-light model!

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Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron & Acrylic

gifts and decor ivory baroque candle chandelier iron acrylicA gorgeously and affordable candle chandelier. The Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier holds 4 taper candles while showing off an elegant curlicue frame accentuated with many acrylic crystals.

Add some luxurious ambiance to your dining area, foyer or outdoor space with this impressively affordable chandelier that incorporates a distressed finish. Candles sold separately.

This baroque, antique style ivory candle chandelier includes the following great benefits:

  • Very light and transportable, at 1.8 pounds
  • Extremely intricate design for such a low price
  • Chain included to hang up for 30-inch total length
  • No electricity required using real candles
  • Deter bugs outdoors with real candles

At the price point, you really have nothing to lose with this baroque candle chandelier, especially when electricity isn’t an option. Brighten and beautify the interior decor of any small room or outdoor setting with ease!

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Jac D’Lights 8 Light Crystal Chandelier

jac dlights 8 light crystal chandelierLooking for a larger gorgeous chandelier fixture? The Jac D’Lights 8 Light Crystal Chandelier has got you covered. With the 250 Amazon reviews, the majority being very positive, this light fixture is a safe choice based on price, sentiment, and elegance.

This 16 pound, 28 x 28 x 28 inch light fixture consists of 8 downlight-direction lights and a combination of glass and crystal material. Candelabra base light bulbs are required and sold separately. They must fit into mini-sockets with a 40-watt limit.

Positive benefits of the Jac D’Lights 8 Light Chandelier include:

  • Incredible value and looks like a $1000 chandelier!
  • Beautiful polished steel finish blended with intricate glass crystals
  • Use either 25 W or 40 W bulbs for flexible lighting
  • Great customer service for replacement parts

Don’t be fooled by “some assembly required”. You’ll have to build this larger light fixture from scratch. Your best bet is to hire a professional installation service unless you’re very comfortable building & wiring yourself.

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Buying the Right Chandelier

While we’ve looked at many of the most popular chandeliers on the market, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right chandelier for your decor? Before you make your final purchase decision, let’s take a look at the important aspects to consider before buying a chandelier. And if you want to learn even more about chandeliers in general, check out the history of chandeliers.

Location: The location you choose to hang or mount your chandelier will determine which variations of design, lighting, dimensions, and materials work best. Have an idea of the length, width, and height of your chosen room or space before buying a new light fixture.

Style: Whether indoors or outdoors, the style of a chandelier should make sense within its surroundings. A giant vintage candle chandelier will look a bit strange in a modern living space. On the other hand, a smaller 3 light chandelier will look rather silly in a large foyer space!

Dimensions: The size of the chandelier will affect which spaces mesh well with its appearance and lighting. Keep in mind height as well. Will a chandelier flush-mounted to your ceiling look strange and too high up? Or, is the hanging chain long enough for the chandelier size and room size?

Lighting: Just as important as style is the lighting design and quality of the chandelier. Does your chosen chandelier space require a dim, warm glow or bright, far-reaching lighting? Once you’ve got the strength of lighting figured out, think about the design in which the light is emitted as well. For example, a real crystal will reflect light much more eloquently than faux crystal.

Materials: Are you looking for a real crystal chandelier or a blend of glass and acrylic? The types of chandelier materials used can drastically alter the style, lighting capabilities, and pricing. Also, make sure to understand the bulb watt limits, and the types of candles and/or bulbs that can be used with specific chandelier models.

Assembly: What kind of installation process is necessary to get the chandelier up and running? Some larger chandeliers require more time for assembly. You may be better off seeking professional installation. Others require add-on parts or converter kits sold separately for different styles and lighting functionality.

Price: The price of a chandelier is determined by several aspects, including the style, number of lights used, dimensions, materials, assembly process, and brand. Hopefully, the various chandelier comparisons on this site will help you to narrow down and invest in the right chandelier for your budget.